Dr. Martens

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Прикажи: Листа / Табела
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The toddler 1460 is where rebellious style meets small proportions. It's a scaled-down version of ou..
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Upper - Leather - is perhaps the best material for the production of footwear - maintains its s..
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The 1460 is the original Dr. Martens 8-eye boot. Its recognizable DNA looks like this: 8 eyes, class..
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Generation after generation, our wearers have inspired us with enhanced, personalized takes on our f..
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Our wearers continue to inspire us. People have been drawing on our footwear for decades, so this se..
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A fierce evolution of our 8-eye boot, the Jadon retains all its original details — grooved edges, ye..
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We've taken inspiration from our vibrant subcultural heritage and printed this boot with lightning b..
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The Women's 1B99 14-eye lace up boot is a classic punk style, designed with soft, fine-grained leath..
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PRODUCT   The 1460 is the original Dr. Martens boot. Its instantly recognizable D..
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PRODUCT Part of the Classic collection 3 Eyelet 1461 Shoe Crazy Horse is a natural-type l..
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PRODUCT The Dr. Martens 2976 Chelsea boot is a slick, uncompromisingly fashion-forward lo..
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PRODUCT The 1460 Pascal is the same as our original boot — with grooved edges, 8-eyes and..
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