SESIA ULTA MTX Liz/Verbana Lomer

Производител: LOMER
Код на продуктот: 000
Достапност:На залиха

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EU: *
6.990Ден.9.990Ден. Без данок: 6.990Ден.


The Sesia Lady is a modern women’s hiking boot that uses a combination of Suede and abrasion resistant nylon to create a package that is both aesthetically pleasing and offers plenty of performance.

A soft flex make the Sesia a logical choice for walking long-distance on the trails.

Underfoot the Vibram outsole has the capabilities for dealing with both wet and dry conditions, mud and rocks, making the Civetta a versatile choice.

Inside our MTX ULTRA lining which is waterproof, breathable and antimicrobial. Find out more in our technology section.

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