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Sharper than ever. These boots are built from a new DM's leather, Abruzzo, a premium waxed aniline w..
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High shine, high impact. These hard-hitting shoes are built from Patent Lamper leather with a stando..
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DESCRIPTION The 2976 Chelsea boot dates back to the 70s. And these tough, timeless boots are noto..
11.590Ден. Без данок: 11.590Ден.
DESCRIPTION The 1460 is the original Dr. Martens 8-eye boot. Its instantly recognizable, unmistak..
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DESCRIPTION Our classic unisex 3-eye shoe that was crafted for industry, made rebellious by gener..
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DESCRIPTION Street artist turned cultural phenomenon Jean-Michel Basquiat erupted onto the art sc..
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DESCRIPTION The Original DM’s boot. In more shades than ever. Each season, we expand our collecti..
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DESCRIPTION A full-volume revamp of Dr Martens' iconic original boot, the Jadon retains all the 1..
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DESCRIPTION A fierce evolution of our 8-eye boot, the Jadon retains all its original details — gr..
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DESCRIPTION This high-impact Polka Dot print is new for the season — combining polka dots and str..
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Constructed on their extra-chunky, extra-rugged Bex sole, this minimalist version of Dr. Martens' or..
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