Janko MTX Anilna Caffe

Janko MTX Anilna Caffe
Производител: LOMER
Код на продуктот: Janko MTX Anlina Caffe
Достапност:На залиха

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6.360Ден.7.950Ден. Без данок: 6.360Ден.


It is ideal for walkin and free time. This shoes is cemented, so with this costruction we approach the anatomy of the foot and we guarantee more duration and comfort since the first walk. The full grain leather affords immediate comfort and a soft, natural, flex. Inside the Mer-Tex liner offers a good water resistance and will protect you from wet feet when the weather is bad. For additional comfort the to-toe lacing allows you to easily achieve precise fit and the EVA midsole is light and flexible and the Vibram rubber bottom exclusive of Lomer was studied in order to guarantee better traction in outdoor terrain and in the city.

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